MAA or Medical Aesthetics Associates, is a medical aesthetic practice supervised by Dr. Joseph Russo, M.D. Our mission is to operate as the most elite, compliant network of medical aesthetic experts in Massachusetts. To do so, we will provide guidance and support to our select non-managing members so that they may perfect their crafts and build their businesses with the utmost respect to the industry and the laws.

Every team member of MAA will strive to uphold the values and ethics as defined by the Health Boards of Massachusetts through ensuring proper workplace safety, fair labor practices, protection of patient’s health information, proper protocols and documentation, and overall best practices. In pursuing these goals, members will follow all standards and procedures.

As a practitioner or venue, you are able to perform medical aesthetic procedures or be the venue where these procedures staffed by Medical Aesthetics Associates. Any patient you see is a patient of Medical Aesthetics Associates and must be treated as such. All guidelines herein, materials, consents, policies, procedures, standing orders, and other regulations provided or designated by MAA must be followed. Other than as a connection to training, the name or implication of Joseph A. Russo, MD may not be used on any of your practice’s marketing materials.